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Our Board Member

RAJASTHAN INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLING (RIOS), (Rajasthan) deals with the matters per taking to the various problems of management of school, Disposal of different types of problem related matters of Exam Equally of the various Government Board, Council and Indian Universities as admission Vocational Program, Academic Program (Secondary and Sr. Secondary) and Higher Education and hearing of the parties in different matters and disposal of the cases in terms of honourable court orders. It in collaboration with the general section of the Board places records papers and relevant files in the Board members meeting for taking decisions and communicates the decisions to the concerned individuals and to the authority it preserves important documents and different circulars issued by the Board from time to time. It also looks after the publication of decisions of all meeting of the Board members for the year separately in the form of a booklet. The section prepares booklets for the purpose of Annual General Meeting of the Board where activities of different Sections of the Board are highlighted. An Annual Report of the Board pertaining to the activities of achievements of the Board is also prepared and sent to the School Education Department and Board of the Annual Budget Speech of the Conference, Meeting and Seminar preparation of the Annual Report for each sub units of the Board Committee.

1 Mr. Pankaj Jain(ER.) Chairman
2 Mrs. Anjna Jain Director
3 Mr. Vimal Jain Secretary
4 Ms. Mithlesh Jain Joint Secretary
5 Mr. Neeraj Jain Exam Controller
6 Mr. Sunil Gupta Information Adviser
7 Ms. Deepika Singh Shekhawat Information Adviser
8 Mr. Lokesh Jain Information Officer
9 Mr. Azharudeen Marketing Executive
10 Mr. Hemant Ujjania Marketing Manager
11 Ms. Mamta Saini (Bed, LLB) Legal Adviser
12 Mr. Sahab Singh (Rt. ASI) Legal Adviser
13 Mr. Babu Lal Gurjar LDC
14 Mr. Sohit Tiwari Education Adviser
15 Mr. Vivek Kumar Education Adviser
16 Mr. Sushant Sharma Education Adviser
17 Ms. Priyanka Jain (Govt. Teacher) Education Adviser
18 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Website Editor & Designer
19 Mr. Narendra Kushwah Digital Marketing Officer
20 Mr. Utsav Jain Finance Officer
21 Mr. Ramesh Chand Jain Finance Officer