Rules and regulation


(Secondary School Certificate Examination)




(1) A secondary school desiring to be re

cognised for the purpose of admission to the


of a Divisional Board shall,

not later than 15th of July tw

o years preceding the year in

which it proposes to present candidates

for a final examination conducted by that

Divisional Board, apply for recognition to th

e Divisional Secretary concerned in Form I

appended to these Regulations in this part

Provided that, the

Divisional Chairman

concerned may, for special reasons to be reco

rded in writing, c

ondone the delay, if the

delay does not exceed six months. Provided further that, where the delay exceeds six

months, it may be condoned by the Divisional

Board, in exceptiona

l circumstances and

according to the merits of each case.

( 2 ) An application for recognition shall set out

in full details the following particulars and

shall be submitted in triplicate :—

(i) The name of the secondary school;

(ii) The name of the managing body, secretary or

correspondent along with a true copy of

the resolution of the managing body;

(iii) A copy of the constituti

on of the foundation society;

(iv) Whether the school has been recognised by

the Education Department and if so, the

Standards for which it has been permitted to make provisions and the academic year

in which it proposes to establish or ha

s established the several Standards;

(v) The qualifications, experi

ence, scale of pay, terms and

conditions of service of the

teaching staff;

(vi) The final Examination fo

r which it desires recognition;

(vii) The subjects of instruction for which the institution undertakes to make provision;

(viii) The medium or media through whic

h it proposes to impart instructions;

(ix) The accommodation provide

d in class-rooms, and the nu

mber of pupils in each

standard or division of a standard;

(x) The provision made for healt

h, recreation and di

scipline of pupils;

(xi) The financial position of the school

and the sources and the amount of income;

(xii) The rates of fees ch

arged and the provision, if a

ny, for grant of educational


to poor pupils;

(xiii) A copy of the certificate of registration

of the Society or Trus

t if the school is run

by a

Society or Trust.

( 3 ) On receipt of this application, the Divisi

onal secretary shall forthwith forward two copies

thereof to the Regional Deputy Director

concerned for report and recommendation,

indicating the date on or befo

re which the report should re

ach the Divisional Board's

office. The report and the recommendations

of the Regional Deputy

Director shall be

placed before the Examination Comm

ittee by the Divisional Secretary.